power transmission


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  • Power transmission — is the movement of energy from its place of generation to a location where it is applied to performing useful work.Power is defined formally as units of energy per unit time.In SI units: 1 watt = 1 joule/s = 1 newton * metre/second… …   Wikipedia

  • power transmission — galios perdavimas statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. power transmission vok. Leistungsübertragung, f rus. передача мощности, f pranc. transport de puissance, m …   Automatikos terminų žodynas

  • power transmission — Смотри Электропередача …   Энциклопедический словарь по металлургии

  • Power Transmission and Distribution — Siemens Sector Energy Unternehmensform Teil der Siemens AG Gründung 1. Januar …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Power Transmission Line —   An electrical conductor/cable that carries electricity from a generator to other locations for distribution …   Energy terms

  • Electric power transmission — Electric transmission redirects here. For vehicle transmissions, see diesel electric transmission. 400 kV high tension transmission lines near Madrid Electric power transmission or high voltage electric transmission is the bulk transfer of… …   Wikipedia

  • History of electric power transmission — In the early days of commercial use of electric power, electric power transmission restricted the distance between generating plant and consumers. Originally generation was with direct current, which could not easily be increased in voltage for… …   Wikipedia

  • Wheeling (electric power transmission) — In electric power transmission, wheeling is a term used to describe either of the following: * the act of transporting electric power (megawatts or megavolt amperes) over transmission lines, or; * the act of providing the service of transporting… …   Wikipedia

  • Microwave power transmission — (MPT) is the use of microwaves to transmit power through outer space or the atmosphere without the need for wires. It is a sub type of the more general wireless energy transfer methods, and is the most interesting because microwave devices offer… …   Wikipedia

  • Miesbach–Munich Power Transmission — Monument to Miesbach–Munich Power Transmission, in the Alter Botanischer Garten (Munich) Miesbach–Munich Power Transmission was the first[1] transmission of electrical energy over a large distance. It took place in …   Wikipedia

  • Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited — The Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited, also known as KPTCL is the sole electricity transmission and distribution company in state of Karnataka [http://www.kptcl.com/kptclhistory.htm History KPTCL] . Its origin was in Karnataka… …   Wikipedia

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